Ways to Improve Your Shotgun Skills

The good shooting comes with coordination, confidence and concentration while a handful of shooting mistakes can make you a poor shooter in the field. What makes you a good shooter,  your instinct and intellectual. It is a skill that is enhanced through adept coaching and lots of practice. Becoming a great shooter requires learning techniques, working hard and much practice. Agreeing to the fact that there is nothing better than learning from your own experiences but a handful of few easy tips can help in a great way for newbies.

Safety Is Ahead Of All

Safety, applicable to newbies as well as for experienced shooters. In shooting, safety comes first no matter if you are on a hunting or a shooting range. Follow these,

  • All shooters are supposed to assume that the gun is always loaded.
  • The gun’s muzzle must be pointed down.
  • Do not point a gun muzzle backward over your shoulder or pointing towards someone.
  • Glasses are for added protection, not only protect your eyes but also help you to look better, use them.

Work On Your Eye Dominance

The basic rule suggests that the right-eye dominant shooter must shoot off their right shoulder and so the opposite for the left-eye dominant. It makes your grip and eye in line with the target and does not cross your body with the gun.

Question is: How to Find the Dominant Eye?

For newbies, finding the dominant eye could be a mystery, but a little experiment can help them in the long run. Take a piece of cardboard and make a small round hole in it and take it away from your face while keeping your both arms straight. On the other side, keep an object at a distant and focus at its center with both of your arms extended forward and eyes looking at the object from the hole on the cardboard. The eye that focuses the best on the object is your dominant eye.

Maintain Your Balance While Shooting

Shooters must have a concurrent approach to shooting and shifting the weight. The best approach is to keep the weight in the direction where you started at. Likewise, if you start with your weight forward, keep it forward. Alternatively, if you start with your weight on your back foot, keep it there.

Why so? Keeping a forward position initially and then later shifting the weight back causes the barrel to rise slightly and disturbs your point at the target.

Practice Makes You a Better Shooter

Before heading to the birds shooting, clays and doves offer you a safe practicing session to tune up and smoothen your shooting skills. Whether shooting clay objects or birds, hunters must develop proficiency before shooting at live birds which comes with practice, practice and practice. The only variable is how you shoot is the time you devote to practice and assume to show up and shoot like a proficient because being a shooter does not happen because you want it to.

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