Tricks for Quick & Easy Gun Cleaning

Buying guns and using it for shooting and hunting is the most fun part but when it comes to cleaning, everyone tries to avoid it as much as possible. Purchasing a firearm is easy, it is the maintenance of it that requires a serious dedication of your time and energy. Even though you do not necessarily have to clean it thoroughly till it is shiny and spotless, but nonetheless it is necessary to ensure that is properly managed and maintained. Here we are going to list some tips and tricks regarding gun cleaning that are easy to follow and fun to implement.

Safety First

Start off by reading the gun manual to understand its structure and layout. There will be points that would require lubrication and hence would need to be assembled and reassembled. Make sure to clean the gun in a well-ventilated room to avoid suffocation resulting from toxic chemicals and compounds released from the firearm.

Cover the table you are going to use for cleaning with a large plastic trash bag and some old newspapers. Once the cleaning session is over, you can simply turn the trash bag inside out, tie it shut and throw it away. It is necessary that you wear protective glasses and gloves to avoid any toxic exposure. Cleaning a gun is a risky business, therefore, please ensure that your gun is properly unloaded and pointed in a safe direction before doing anything else.

Barrel Cleaning

Cleaning of barrel’s interior is the most labor intensive task. Being the most important part of a handgun, the barrel must be properly maintained since the material it leaves after the shooting can cause corrosion thus reducing the pistol’s accuracy.

Begin with cleaning rod. Attach a bore brush to it and apply solvent once or twice as you work along. After scrubbing the bore of the barrel thoroughly, attach a patch holder and run it through the barrel. Continue the process until patches start coming off the barrel. Check the barrel bore with a light to see if it has been cleaned. After you are through with it, lubricate the barrel with gun oil or lubricant to protect the rifling from moisture.

Handgun Cleaning

Use a nylon brush for the rest parts of your handgun and scrub it with some solvent. Wipe the solvent off with a rag and scrutinize the pistol so that you do not miss any spot. If you are cleaning semi-autos, pay close attention to the slide’s inner grooves and the contact points between the frame and slide. Similarly, in the case of double-action revolvers ensure to check the under the ejector star.


Once the major parts of your firearm have been properly cleaned and scrubbed, the pistol must be reassembled. When the task has been successfully done, evenly lubricate to ensure everything is functioning properly and then wipe it off with a rag. Use oil gun or metal preservative to wipe the outer surface of your firearm. The cleaning process is complete here. Securely place your pistol in its container and wash your hands with soap and water.


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