Things to Keep In Mind While Carrying Concealed Firearm

Concealed weapons are firearm especially handguns that are carried in a hidden manner, specifically hidden from other person or other’s control. It is illegal in most of the states to carry a concealed weapon unless you are a law enforcement officer or has the permit to carry it.

Carrying a concealed handgun is a lifestyle, you take it daily with your attire which is not easy as it is a huge responsibility to take it every day with you. It exists for some reason either you want to be carrying it, or you have the access. However, before you start taking a firearm daily with you, understand what it means to carry a gun in a legal and concealed manner.

These few tips will help you on your approach to proficiency in carrying a concealed firearm. It is a good primer for newbies and a refresher for those who are already into the lifestyle of carrying concealed carry.

Understand The Law:

Be sure that you are legally authorized and have a CCW permit before you carry it.If the state where you live in requires a license, then you must get it and keep it to yourself whenever you take a firearm. The license you carry makes you authorize to carry one gun at a time and not any other.

The familiar you are with the laws in your state, the more confident you are while carrying a firearm. Understanding and following the laws also serves as a reminder that your firearm is the not the solution to every problem so you may not use it unnecessarily.

Make It Concealed:

The paramount rule of a concealed carry is to keep your gun concealed until you do not intend to reveal it to others. A .380 pistol can be carried in any concealed gun holster without you changing your wardrobe but full size 1911 will make you change your wardrobe and let you dress according to the gun.

You Are Not A Superhero:

Carrying a concealed firearm does not make you a superhero. You are not obligated to take action wherever you notice a criminal activity. Every time you use a firearm; it is necessary for you to understand your role and responsibility before you intervene in any situation.


Keeping your gun unloaded practice drawing it from different positions, wearing different clothes and find out how it works in all angles and positions.

Keep Your Hands Off:

Do not let the public know that you are carrying a concealed gun Keep your hands off in public and do not just keep touching your firearm to check if it is there or not. You should not be looking as if “Do I look like I carry a gun?” If you feel that the firearm is displaced, fix it at some private place and do not make yourself obvious of carrying a gun.

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