Most Common Mistakes Made By New Concealed Carriers

You have purchased your gun, you have learned how to handle it and you are now on your way to carrying it concealed. This is quite an interesting step but an important one. When the gun owners get their license for a concealed carry, they have to look for the best match holster for it.

With a gun, the holster has become a compulsory thing for gun owners to look for the right storage for their guns. But, for the first-time, newbies make mistakes that are easily avoidable. Instead of learning the hard way, check out some easy tips to help you be even more responsible and prepared.

There also exist several other reasons which prompt a gun owner to invest in a holster. Some gun owners claim that concealed gun holsters make carrying a gun far easier for them. The primary purpose served by these holsters, however, is that it places the firearm firmly in a position and also prolongs the life of the gun.

Here are few mistakes that the gun owners make while buying a holster.

Not Testing the Holster:

This is probably the most common mistake that the first time concealed carriers make and might make in the future. Purchasing holster without testing will make you bear both physical and financial loss both. The holster that you carry must fit your body in a way that keeps the firearm concealed and at the same time make you feel comfortable.

Tip: Before making a purchase, just go through online reviews as this will help you in making up a decision, but don’t just completely rely on the online reviews as everyone is different.

Comfort Comes First:

Select a holster that gives you comfort and protects the trigger. If the trigger is not properly protected, it can cause you to accidentally fire your pistol while drawing your holster quickly. Most importantly for women, no matter how fashionable your belt may be, they might not hold up your gun you are carrying.  If you use a normal, everyday belt, will either cause the gun to fall there or it will cause it to fall forward, which leaves your gun exposed.  A single mistake in selecting a holster can put you and others in trouble.

Using The Holster That Is Not Accessible:

While deciding the holster for your firearm, think how easy it will be to draw it quickly. Though it is an ankle, shoulder or belt holster, it must be easy for you to access it any position you are in without any hassle. Place you holster in such a position that drawing it seems to be natural and does not appear to be an unnatural draw-stroke.

Tip: Try working with different degrees and angle your holster based on what feels natural.

Look For Holsters That Have Retention:

The mistake that most people make while getting a holster is not checking if it specifically fits your gun and not hard to grab from you. While looking for holsters, you will come across holsters that have additional straps, buckles or switches, just think how easy it would be to draw your firearm in case of an emergency.

Wearing Inappropriate Fabrics:

It does not end to a gun and a holster. The clothes you prefer to wear must not make your pistol grips or holsters visible to others. Carrying a concealed weapon doesn’t automatically mean you’re banned from the fashion world for life. All it means is that you’ll have to work a little harder to adjust your firearm to your attire.



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