Defensive Handguns for Women

The decision to buying a gun to defend yourself, your loved ones or your home is a serious one, and each one of use must take great care of it. The decision to carry a gun for your self is based on complete information and not be made emotionally. Women have been raised with a concept that it is always a man’s job to carry ammunition and be concerned for the safety but with the increasing crime rate, it has now become a necessity for women to be self-aware and learn to defend themselves.

What guns are women buying? Do you need a gun for self-defense? There is no one right gun for females, or there is no such gun to be called as Women Gun or Gun for a Woman. On the other hand, it is not necessary that all women who are thinking to defend themselves will be able to handle guns and work well with them in an instance where accuracy mean the difference between life and death.

To help women make a better selection for their self-defense, this article has gun categories to have a personal defense plan with specific models of reliable self-defense rounds.

. Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm

The reality of defense is that you never know when you will need it. Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm is a slim, concealable, lightweight, striker-fired polymer pistol, designed to be less than 1″ thin. This semi-automatic double-action pistol has polymer holds and a striker fired with a 9-round capacity. The striker fired action has made a quick and an audible reset while the M&P shield allows having multiple rounds to be placed on target accurately and consistently, and so is the best handy gun for women.

.380 ACP

Small in size with potential to combat and self-defense, .380 ACP has a straight wall pistol cartridge while being relatively round and loved by people because of its mild recoil. This mini self-defense gun is the handiest gun for women for being small in size as of a pocket and having lightweight.

Glock 26

Glock 26 to be known as “Baby Glock” is a subcompact 9mm with its twin Glock26 Den 4 where both works the best when needed. Though it is not attractive and a little chunkier but none can match its reliability. No matter it is dirty or muddy if you pull the trigger, it will go and BANG despite being lesser in size.

The polymer grip has a hollow finger section to help delicately guide your hand into the proper settlement every time the gun is picked up. The G27 and G30 have the same frame size as G26 so one can use another caliber if not willing to use a 9mm.

Smith & Wesson Model 638

The J-frame models of Smith & Wesson have become the most famous and defensive revolvers in the market. For women, guns are simple to use, and with their long trigger pull, you keep yourself safe from any accidental mishaps. The Model 638 chambered in .38 Special is very popular, and many women find revolvers simple to use, needing no fine motor skills to work safety, making it an excellent choice for people with limited upper body strength. So, get a good holster for revolver that is specifically designed for optimal comfort and safety and be safe.

Colt Defender

The other 9mm handgun for women to consider is the Colt Defender. This handgun is mainly the smaller version of the Colt 1911. Perfect as a concealed weapon for women and your home defense.

When inspecting handguns for women, we have to acknowledge that men and women are not the same and so defensive handguns for women should be compact, practical and easy to use.

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