Buying Your First Gun

Everyone remembers their first purchase. First car, first bicycle, the first computer and so on and so forth. Any product purchased for the first time earns a special place in not only your possessions but a memory as well. Similarly the experience of buying your first ever gun should be equally noteworthy. However, certain things must be considered and remembered while making your first gun purchase. From the kind of gun to buy to where to buy it from, we have gathered all the information to assist you in the process.

Evaluate Your Need

It all comes down to your requirements. If you need a hand-held weapon, then a pistol or hand gun will best fulfill the use. On the other hand, if you are going to need a gun for hunting and shooting purpose then shotguns and rifle should be your first choice.

The 20 gauge shotgun is ideal for wing shooting with its tolerable recoil, smaller and more manageable frame that can be easily handled by any youngster. In rifles, .22 LR should be the undisputed choice not because of its negligible recoil but also because of its ease of use and wide spread availability.

More than often first-time gun buyers are looking for a suitable weapon for their self-defense. In such case, a basic shotgun or a sporting rifle can suitably perform these tasks without requiring any special training or gun knowledge.

Set a Budget

Amidst all the gun choices based on your specific needs and interest, the next thing that will help you narrow down your selection is your budget. Decide on a price range that you can easily afford for a gun. You will find a variety of guns available to accommodate all income levels. From inexpensive ones starting at just $230 to costly ones worth several thousands of dollars.

If you are shopping at Shawano Shooters Supplies, you will get the ease of shopping with a price filter where you can easily pick out your favorite gun without having to worry about being notified of the guns that fall out of your range.

What about the Size and Caliber?

As a novice with limited knowledge about firearms, this can be a bit difficult factor for you to consider. Nevertheless, we will simplify the task for you by making you understand the importance of the size and caliber play in gun operability.

Let’s assume that you are purchasing a gun for self-defense, so a full-size duty gun chambered in a lower powered caliber will be comfortable and easy to shoot while a compact pistol with a large caliber chamber will be comfortable to carry but unpleasant to fire. Therefore, if you do not plan on carrying your firearm throughout your encounter, then a full-sized high capacity handgun will best serve you. However, if you are looking for a gun to be easily carried around, then it is best that you choose a compact and lightweight gun.


Even though there is always a risk of buying things online when you are unsure about the quality and the performance it will deliver but choosing the right online retailer can save you from all this trouble. Talk to the sales agent and communicate all of your queries and concerns.

There is no point of purchasing a product in such a hefty amount when you cannot have a guarantee of the work it will deliver. Make the right call once you are completely satisfied and by following the above mentioned steps, you will likely end up with a firearm that you can use for several years to come.

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