Best Kinds of Concealed Holsters

Once you have purchased your gun, the next thing that becomes important to purchase is a gun holster.  The purpose of a holster is to basically hold or restrict the movement of a handgun. Anyone purchasing a handgun will most likely find the need to buy a holster because it gives the wearer the quick access to the firearm. The person can easily carry the handgun without the fear that it will get triggered in case of an uncertain hand movement.

There are different kinds of holsters designed that can be worn in a number of ways considering a person’s requirement and personal choice.

Shoulder Holster

If you follow crime movies and TV shows then you must be familiar with ‘shoulder holsters’. It is worn on the arm side where the firearm suspends from a harness made of fabric straps. These kinds of holsters suspend pistol in various ways that can include the upside down position from the shoulder, horizontal shoulder and vertical shoulder.

Shoulder concealed gun holster provide good concealment for fairly small handguns like semi-automatics and small frame revolvers. Such holsters are easy to withdraw and can conceal the pistol under a short jacket.

Ankle Holster

The ankle holsters are placed just above the ankle on the lower side of the leg. The holster is designed with a series of straps that is wrapped around the leg allowing the gun to be positioned on the inside of the leg. Ankle holster provides good concealment and can be accessed swiftly if the pants legs are considerably loose. It is however risky and must be carried out with great care. Any misbalance in movement can be dangerous and may lead to the gun being pointed in an unsafe direction.

Crossdraw Holster

The most common type of holster is cross draw holster that is located around a person’s waistband. They are relatively more comfortable than the other two holsters mentioned above and provide a fair level of concealment. To access a handgun in a cross-draw holster, a person does not require any safety strap as they easily get fitted around the waistband like a belt.

Pocket Holster

A pocket concealer is an essential tactical item that people use for an easy carrying of handguns. It is perfect to be used in situations where a larger gun is inconvenient or uncomfortable to carry. The use of a pocket holster is extremely convenient which encourages people to carry pistol/handguns for safety purposes.

It is inexpensive, small in size and hence lightweight. Pocket holsters have recently gained so much popularity that they are now being manufactured in powerful calibres that makes them more reliable to use. With rounded edges, they have few controls that prevent it from being snagged.


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