6 Essentials to help you survive in the wild

Surviving the harsh wild conditions is never easy. Confronting an unexpected survival situation requires the stamina to overcome severe challenges and the potential to beat incredible odds. To achieve a survival state of mind, one must be equipped with certain tools and equipment’s to able to withstand the extremity of an emergency event. In this blog, we have listed down six most important necessities that are essential for surviving the unforeseeable circumstances.

  1. Folding Knife

While living in the wild, you will be tested with all kinds of conditions where self-defense will become crucial. A folding knife can come handy in not only protecting you from the wildness cruelty but also for assisting in various activities. It can be used for chopping, skinning, cutting, and carving.

Choosing the right kind of knife that can perform a multitude of tasks will give you a good chance of survival regardless of the situation or environment harshness. The Cold Steel AK-47 folding knife is exceptionally popular with military personnel and highly recommended by experts to be included in your survival kit.

  1. Compass

No doubt it is an Internet era where every tech geek knows how to navigate an online map through the use of GPS. However, considering you are in a survival condition with no guarantee of how much your mobile battery can last or the availability of satellite signal, the compass is the safest option to choose for navigation purposes. The compass you take along must be water-resistant, portable, and lightweight so that it can be easily carried without an extra burden.

  1. Flashlight

A survival kit is incomplete without a flashlight unless you do not mind being left out in the dark. Even though including a flashlight looks like a simple task but hear us out, not every other flashlight is fit for lasting the long hours. A tactical flashlight with the right set of features, battery type, and the material is essential and henceforth determines your chances of survival. Find a wide range of survival flashlights on our website to choose according to your environment settings and preference.

  1. Tactical Food

Eat. Sleep. Survive. Repeat. Every hunter, mountaineer or any person that embarks on an adventurous journey of survival have to follow this mantra religiously. While on this journey, the person must take an abundant amount of processed and canned food along. Tactical foods are available in airtight packets and come in an assortment of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) with a long term storage capacity.

  1. Emergency Sleeping Bag

For protection against rain, wind or any other weather abnormalities, an emergency sleeping bag will prevent you from any heat losses and keep you warm and cozy. This kind of bag is a better option to use instead of a blanket since it will provide greater protection and can be climbed into like a sleeping bag.

  1. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a necessity in every emergency situation and taking it along during a rough journey of survival in the wild is absolutely mandatory. It can include medicines for cold flu, disinfectants, band aids, tweezers and any other hygiene related item.

The trick is not only to survive but also to make an efficient use of all the available resources in the best possible manner and use it in a way that it can last for a considerable amount of time. Surviving is not that difficult once you are well-equipped and well-aware of your surroundings to make relevant decisions at the right time. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


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