4 Guns That Every Hunter Must Own

If you are a hunter, it can be rightly assumed that you are a gun enthusiast as well. There are various types of guns that hunters have used in the past to capture their target hunts perfectly. Even though the type of weapon you choose depends on the kind of game you wish to capture and the laws of the state where you are hunting in, we have listed down three types of guns that every hunter must own. These types of guns will help you survive and hunt for a variety of games, from trophies to varmints.

  1. Shotgun

The sort of weapon that is indispensable for every hunter. It is often classified as a home or self-defense firearm that is completely reliable and quite easy to operate. The most popular kind of shotgun is the .12, .16 and .20 gauges where using a combo model with interchangeable barrels allows hunters the scope and ability to hunt rabbits, squirrels, ducks, geese and an even bigger game like deer and beer.

With a long barrel, shotguns work perfectly for wing shooting as well and are easy to maintain. A shotgun is known for its versatility and the ability to instantly recover from a misfire. They are available in lever, bolt actions, pump as well as in single and double barreled break-open actions and semi-autos.

  1. The .22 Rifle

For beginners and new hunters, .22LR is the best firearm to learn shooting. Preferably because unlike other rifle models it is lightweight, quieter and has no recoil. Moreover, the choices in .22LR are numerous, and with a large ammunition selection, it offers great versatility. They are widely available, inexpensive and perfect for small game and pests. The rifle with a nearly 168 years old cartridge is most commonly found in millions of American households. As a gun collector, you must include it as a part of an American sporting tradition.

  1. .375 H&H Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle

Designed in 1912 by British designers Holland & Holland, .375 H&H Magnum is capable of taking down most dangerous and toughest animals like elephant, grizzly bear, and a buffalo. It has a manageable recoil and is considered as the minimum acceptable caliber in many countries for hunting of thick-skinned dangerous animals. The .375 H&H Magnum rifle cartridge is extremely versatile that not only hits hard but also has a flat trajectory making it deadly on every big game species.

  1. Centerfire Bolt-Action Rifle

A must have a gun that is designed to manage a big game hunting effectively. The bolt-action rifle is most reliable to be used for all kinds of hunting conditions and often more accurate as compared to another action type. It is dependable, affordable and robustly designed that allows them to utilize powerful new centerfire cartridges. With an effective firearm range, centerfire bolt-action rifle has become a hunting field favorite.


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